People always have this confusion – where to invest money to become permanent, growing and highly profitable. You can now stop getting confused – here is the answer “Commercial project in Noida”. Sceptical? Don’t be! See the following reasons and then decide.

Once made, your investment becomes permanent. It opens the inlet for money to flow like clockwork to you every month by way of rent; the property value gets appreciation every year in galloping speed, if your property is a Commercial Building and can be used for assorted and allied businesses and trades, occupying your premises on lease or rent; there will be no dearth in demand for your premises since it is used only for commercial businesses growing day by day in fully-equipped Complexes like cyberthum Bhutani.

See the specialties of Cyberthum Bhutani Commercial Complex. It is centrally located at Noida, unquestionably the business hub of Delhi nowadays. The Complex comes to you from Cyberthum Bhutani Infra Group – exponents in the construction of Commercial Complexes. Centrally located in the heart of Sector 140A, Noida as the tallest towers in the vicinity.

This Bhutani cyberthum Complex is well-planned to contain the comprehensive blend of entertainment zone, office space and commercial stores – all put together to attract and meet the commercial and retail requirements of businesses, who want to attain prosperity assuredly.

The ultra-modern buildings are provided with anything and everything needed by such Business Complexes namely – Food Court; ATM; spacious Car Parking; Office Spaces of different sizes and models; Shopping Skymall Largest; Musical Fountain; Fire Alarm; Gym and whatever.

Customers will be very pleased to hire the Office space in Noida for this important reason - Project is planned and executed with professional excellence by Bhutani Infra Group. The Brand name sells. They need not worry about the location at all, since this Complex has all the important and necessary connectivity and locations such as – Airport Connectivity; Metro Line Connectivity; Road or Expressway Connectivity; Railway Station Connectivity; and Shopping Mall Connectivity etc.

Coming to the all-important cyberthum Bhutani Price List – you will be really surprised to note the incredible details. For a Commercial Complex which extends to 26.8 acres; consisting of 3761 Units; more than 50 high stories based for commercial and retail purposes; two iconic tall towers; with all the perks, amenities, conveniences and comforts consisting in this Commercial Complex, the initial price is – take your breath – just 6.25 lakhs only.

All the above benefits including phased initial payments are yours by clicking Enjoy!


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